Callum Preston

Callum Preston is a designer, painter, illustrator, set designer, street artist, signwriter, builder, videographer, maker and do-er based in Melbourne.

Callum continues to explore the definition of a freelance creative as he takes on projects of all sizes and mediums. His repertoire spans sold-out solo art shows and installations to immersive experience designs for restaurants such as Attica, Graphic and mural design work for fashion brands, The Block, Marvel Comics, Collingwood Football Club, Converse, and some of the biggest touring bands in the world. Self taught, Callum prides himself on travelling the less conventional, do it yourself path when it comes to building a creative career.

Aussie Winter


Given the chance to create a design for Tinnies, obviously a can is a relatively small canvas, but it can be small yet mighty, I wanted to do something that would get your attention in a store and in an esky full of cans”

- Callum Preston